Azalea & Dogwood Trail
Look for green directional arrows
Trail will last until Monday, April 20


Enter Trail at Second Avenue and Eighth Street

            (Trinity United Methodist Church is on the left)

Proceed down Eighth   Street, turning left on Fourth Avenue

Proceed on Fourth   Avenue, turning right on 10th Street

At the split in the road, turn right onto Collinwood Street

Upon entering Collinwood, turn left onto Collinwood Circle West

Continue, crossing Collinwood   Street

Turn right onto Collinwood   Circle East then left onto Collinwood Street

At the intersection of 10th Street, turn right

Turn left onto Ridgewood   Drive

Turn right onto Piedmont   Avenue continuing down the hill

At the Jackson’s Lake, turn left onto Laurel Street

Turn right onto Bonita   Drive

Proceed down Bonita   Drive until it turns in to Terracewood Drive (at curve)

Proceed on Terracewood Drive- Turning right at directional arrow and

Proceed up hill to turnaround in front of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Newman’s Home

Enter once again on Terracewood by turning left

Proceed up the hill on Terracewood and turn left onto Lakeshore Drive

Turn right onto Shamrock   Drive

Once intersected with Bonita Drive, turn right

Turn left onto Victoria   Street

Continue on Victoria until the intersection of 10th   Street, turn right

Turn left onto 6th   Avenue and follow through the Historic District

Turn right onto 4th   Street after passing NorthsideSchool

Turn right onto 4th   Avenue

Continue until intersection with 8th Street and turn left.